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Blockchain Technology

From education and ideation to building technology solutions.
Mosaique helps you embrace innovation brought by
Distributed Ledger Technologies.

Understanding opportunities.
Capturing value.

Best-in-class Ideation

Level-set your understanding of Blockchain and Distributed Ledger Technology concepts. Understand the potential implications to your business and value chain by studying use cases relevant to your industry.

Business case development

Perform deep-dives on key opportunities developed during the ideation process. Research market and revenue opportunities, impact on operational efficiency, consortium and blockchain platform requirements.

Build a pilot/mvp

Develop a prototype or a minimum viable product thanks to our proven bootstrapping methodology. Form an execution team and, when relevant, a consortium. Define your own success criteria. Build and deliver.

Who we are

We understand the complex challenges of client-facing, and globally distributed, enterprise technologies.

Why choose Us

We have experience working with both Startups and large corporations. We bring a solid track record of training on complex topics, leading innovation efforts, and implementing and managing global client-facing technology solutions.

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Our Mission

Provide best-in-class training workshops and content on cryptoasset, blockchain and distributed ledger technologies.
Help corporations build and deliver value-add technology solutions relying on these concepts.

Our services

What you get

Level-set your knowledge on cryptoassets and distributed ledger technology.
Build compelling business cases.
Bootstrap your blockchain application development and deliver minimum viable products.

Our work

Our Trusted Partners

Our select network of technology, education, and strategy consulting partners enable us to deliver.

Best-in-class ideation

Effective blockchain use case ideation requires not only technology expertise but also customer-facing know-how and business acumen.

Executive Overview

We equip Boards of Directors and Executive Committees with the necessary knowledge to understand the implications of distributed ledger technologies.

Training Workshop

Our training workshops cover fundamental knowledge and feature instructor-led group activities. They have been endorsed by both academia and corporations.


Our multi-day seminars will allow you to perform a meaningful deep-dive on distributed ledger technologies and create a compelling business case.

Training Curriculum Development

We have created top notch curriculum and content for both academia and corporations. We use tools like animations and platform demo to provide your students with a rich and engaging experience.

Learn more about our Blockchain training services. Ideate

Enterprise Grade Mindset

Building blockchain prototypes or enterprise grade solutions in a distributed environment requires substantial expertise and experience.


Engage with your entire value chain, including vendors and solution providers.


Build for growth with horizontal scalability and business continuity in mind.

blockchain consulting


Leverage cross-ledger APIs with micro-services architecture.

Security & Privacy

Incorporate your value chain's security and privacy requirements.

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Our Latest Work

From ideation to development

Blockchain research

Research both public and private blockchain technology platforms for a California based job searching solution startup.

Smart Contract prototype

Develop a prototype of a Smart Contract applied to a hiring company / contractor work use case.

Use Cases research

Produce a deck with detailed automotive industry use cases for a major European fleet management and car leasing company.

Use Cases research

Research blockchain use case for International Aid, Electronic Healthcare Records, Crossborder Payments, Digital Identity and AML/KYC.

Training Workshop

Create and deliver a full-blown 1-day instructor-led training workshop for a major Chicago-based University.

Training content

Create and deliver a 3-hour training course for a global credit agency.

Ideation and Wireframe

Mature a blockchain use case for a mortgage servicing startup and deliver a clickable wireframe for their client pitch.

Technology Solution

Develop a Web3.0 blockchain based application to solve friction points in the lifecycle of a listed derivatives trade execution.

Training content

Create a 4-hour online blockchain training course for a major financial services learning provider.

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